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Building a brand starts with Leadership


Building a brand starts with Leadership. Great brand leaders establish trust and influence the culture of the company. Leaders bring focus through the inspiring vision and direction.  Leaders establish trust and influence the culture of the company. Make an impact and lead your brand with excellent customer service.
Select a brand leadership workshop below to suit your business / individual needs:

Lead Your Brand for Business

“Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.- David Packard”

Brand Leadership Workshop

(Position your brand) This workshop is focused on brand leadership and understanding how to Lead Your Brand for business with a focus on creating a customer experience and brand value. Find out ways using strategic branding to provide an excellent customer service experience. The topics include: Marketing your brand, connecting with customers using digital channels, brand positioning and team strategies to live the brand. Walk away with a framework to Lead Your Brand.

Who should attend? For Directors/Managers in Corporate Business and Entrepreneurs

Brand Activation Workshop

(Activate your brand) Starting a new business brand?  Put your best foot forward in the start-up phase.  This workshop is focused on activating your business brand and gaining insights into the basics and foundation blocks for setting up a brand of value. It covers what you do and how you get your message of value into the market.  Bring your concept to life.

Who should attend?  For start-ups who want to start a business or who are in the start-up phase (Entrepreneurs)

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Lead Your Brand for Professionals

“People buy into the leader , before they buy into the vision – John Maxwell”

Personal Branding Workshop

This workshop is focused on building tomorrow’s brand leaders today and increasing the knowledge to deliver on the promise of value. Think like a Brand leader (inspire purpose) and put your best foot forward to live and enhance your personal brand image, to create value. It covers: Understand personal branding and the mindset of a brand leader and ways to activate your Personal Brand. It also includes an online personal assessment, that enables you to understand your area of maximum contribution to a team, company and organisation and leverage the most value for your company or organisation. Image audit to match your personal style to your brand.
Brand and Leadership Workshop

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Brand Leadership: Keynote Presentation

Don’t have a whole day for training? Then book a 1 hour keynote Presentation with insights and ways to Lead Your Brand.

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Upcoming Workshop Dates 2017

February  – 4 February 2017 (JHB)
March – 10 March 2017 (JHB)
April – 7 April 2017 (JHB)
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Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration motivated by a passion, generate by a vision, produced by a conviction, ignited by a purpose. – Myles Munroe”


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