Before you quit your job, here’s a reality check as to what you can expect in the life of an entrepreneur.

The title entrepreneur is one that you wear with honour, almost the way a soldier wears a badge of bravery for the battles won and lost but with this title comes much responsibility and the waves of emotions are real. Entrepreneurs work almost all the time, they never “switch off”.

The good days represent creativity and flow where you feel that are unstoppable and inspired. These are the days that you are able to take on every challenge and see the possibilities but on the bad days you experience stress, rejection and it can feel like a very lonely journey because you are doing things that are different to what people are doing around you. As the saying from Richard Branson that “you jump out of the plane and build the wings on the way down “well… hoping to not hit the ground.

There is a constant process of overcoming your fears and doubts and this makes it even more important to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

The need for entrepreneurs is great but here are a few key points to consider for the future of entrepreneurship:

• The advances in technology and solutions impact JOB CREATION. Entrepreneurs can automate processes for longer without hiring employees.
• CO-WORKING SPACE is also the way of the future as entrepreneurs want to collaborate with a diverse group of people to grow their network.
• The SPEED OF SCALE has increased and this has helped entrepreneurs to grow business faster.
• The CULTURE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP will infiltrate and influence existing business with need for agility and being nimble to stay competitive.

If the life of an entrepreneur appeals to you, surround yourself with very supportive people, be in an environment for growth, work on your personal development daily and have the self-belief that will fuel your passion!