It is when we are in transition that we are most completely alive – William Bridges

Thought provoking conversations is what can inspire us to move and to take the next step. Grateful to listen to inspiring stories of leadership and courage on this business journey at the “Leading through transitions” event with Nation Builder.

The facilitator Cias from XpandSA gave us some insight on what it means to lead through transition and that was followed up by a talk from Andre from FREI who shared his leadership journey of building a business with a difference.

Here are a few of the valuable brand insights gained in this inspiring session:

Determine where you are at, where you are going and how you will get there.

Leaders set the direction and give clarity on the journey of growth but in order to reach new heights and enter new markets you need to go through a transition period with the team in your care. Let’s call this transition space the neutral zone.

As a leader, here are a few helpful insights to manage the transition:

  • Reflect: Respect the journey, where you started is just as important as where you are going. Respect all the lessons from the past and appreciate the people who helped build the business along the way. They are an important part of your story.
  • Emotions:Change or transition involve managing emotions of the team and this requires emotional intelligence. The emotions could be confusion, conflict, uncertainty, self- doubt and even anger. Acknowledge these emotions in the process and as you and the team let go of the old and focus on  building the future, help your team to see the new opportunities.
  • Trust:Trust and the culture is a key ingredient to making a smooth transition. Do the people trust leadership and is the culture resilient and agile enough to move through the transition. That is important.
  • Communicate:Provide channels of communication and communicate often every step of the way with your team. Use creativity to paint a new vision and picture of the new chapter the business is starting. Story telling as a leader is a skill that you need to move to a brighter future.
  • Reward:Celebrate every tiny victory as you transition and get closer to your new destination.
  • Expectations: Transitions will never happen overnight and recognize that it is a process and a journey. In fact it could take 2-3 years.
  • Involvement: Transitions are a team journey and you need everyone involved to make it a successful and smooth journey.

There is no one size fits all model as Andre from FREI mentioned but you as the leader create the journey that works for your business and adjust and fit the strategy to what works best for the transition to be successful and for the team to gain from the journey.

Ultimately as a leader, your role is to provide clarity from the chaos and lead the way through the dark days to a brighter future that will make a difference in society and country and build a better nation that we can all be proud of.

Thanks to Nation Builder, Frei and XpandSA for the opportunity to gain more brand insights into building and equipping people to make a daily difference!