Ways to Lead with Courage in Uncertainty

It is no doubt that the current times we are living in has created fear and uncertainty in business.

What is needed in these very uncertain and unpredictable times is Courage. Courage is a characteristic of a great leader, staying strong in the face of fear. I was recently inspired by an online post that I read from Inc.com “The 7 ways successful leaders deal with chaos and uncertainty” , the post highlighted keys that we as leaders can implement, to navigate the stormy waters of uncertainty successfully.

A few keys to lead with courage:

  • Hope:Leaders bring a sense of hope and not fear
  • Communication:Leaders continuously communicate the new way forward and provide clarity around the actions the business will take to navigate  the uncertainty
  • Planning: Leaders quickly adapt and have a plan, they also get input in the process
  • Engagement: Leaders keep their “ears on the ground” and stay connected and engaged to the team
  • Courage: Leaders create small winning moments during uncertainty

In uncertainty, courageous leaders  step up to take a bold step forward and they keep moving forward by putting the practical measures in place to continue to move and grow.

“Keep your fears to yourself but share your courage with others – Robert Stephenson”

It is important in uncertain times to be calm and create a sense of calmness in your team that no matter how stormy the seas you are sailing get. The team will become more resilient and stronger through this as you help to navigate the way. New opportunities will be created and it’s important to focus on a new path to keep moving forward.

As leaders, it is vital that you exercise wisdom and comply with the law, however it takes courage to remain calm in uncertainty. Leaders bring order to chaos and put the right measures in place to continue to move and not be immobilized with fear.

Lead with caution but leap forward with faith because that’s exactly what faith and leadership require, to move in a direction of an unknown future but keep moving forwards for the people who matter.

Lead with courage!

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(Image Credit Markus Spiske)